Silver Gray Pipes…

are a unique artisan brand. Silver Gray, the carver, and namesake for this line is one of the few female pipe carvers in the USA and world-wide.

Greetings fellow pipe smokers!

Such a great time at the Las Vegas International Pipe Show!  It was truly a pleasure to see so many of our briar brothers and sisters gathered to celebrate our hobby.  I was also amazed at how many people told me it was their first pipe show.  If you missed it this year, don’t make the same mistake next year! HA!

I did come home with three pipes and I wanted to offer them here on my webpage.  They are such beautiful pipes with excellent lines and grain.  Let me know if there is one that interests you!  

I was honored by the judges of the Las Vegas (West Coast) Pipe Show in 2018 and was awarded……..

BEST PIPE OF SHOW!  The only female pipe carver to attain this honor!

Thanks so much for your support!  Stay smokey, Silver

About Silver

Silver Gray is a talented artisanal pipe maker who works alongside Brad Pohlmann out of their shop in Applegate, Oregon. Although they share much of the same equipment, Silver maintains a unique pipe aesthetic and style, drawing heavily from the Danish and American schools while adding her own flourishes along the way.

As much as interesting style and experimenting with shaping do play into Silver’s work, she still remains a pipe-as-smoking-instrument-first sort of artisan, counting the feel in hand and sound drilling and engineering as the most important aspects of her creations; it’s not a great pipe if it is not a great smoking pipe, at the end of the day.